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What is HealthNearbuy and why should you get listed with us?

HealthNearbuyis a local e-commerce marketplace that connects health service providers/ merchants to consumers by offering their goods and services online. Traditionally, local health service providers such as spas, gyms, yoga studios and fitness service providers have tried to reach consumers and generate sales through a variety of methods, including the yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper, radio, television etc.

By listing and bringingyour business onto the HealthNearbuy platform, merchants can now create a new way for to attract customers and sell their goods and services online. Through our platform, we provide consumers with savings and help them discover a new way to see and buy health related services in the places where they live and work.

Each day we email our subscribers offers for goods and services that are targeted by location and personal preferences. Consumers access our deals directly through our websites and mobile applications. We will also have exclusive deals with corporates and companies who will use our gift cards to build loyalty programmes for their customers and employees which in turn will bring you additional business.

What is the cost for registration and will be the revenue model?
  1. Registration is free and Merchants can list their services on our portal at no extra cost. The services can be listed at a discount or on actual price (i.e. without any discounts). No security deposit or upfront payment is required to be made.
  2. Your revenue is the purchase price paid by the customer for the goods and service listed on the HealthNearbuy platform minus the commission charged by HealthNearbuy.
  3. Our revenue will be the commission we will charge on the purchase price paid by the customer for the goods and service listed by the merchants on the HealthNearbuy platform.
What will be the commission percentage charged and when will the payments be made?
  1. A flat % commission (agreed upon between the merchant & us) will be charged by HealthNearbuy on the said purchase price paid by the customer for the goods and service listed on the HealthNearbuy platform.
  2. Payments will be credited to the merchants every Wednesday for vouchers redeemed by the customers with the merchants for the week before i.e. vouchers redeemed during the 1st week of a month will be processed and paid on the following Wednesday in the 2nd week.
  3. Payments will be done through NEFT/ RTGS directly to the bank account registered with us.
How will the customer buy our service and how do we redeem it?
  1. Customers will be able to view and purchase your goods and services on our portal .
  2. Customer will pay online through our payment gateway and we will generate and send the voucher for your listed service to the customer
  3. Customer will fix an appointment with you/ visit your facility to avail the service
  4. Customer will share a numeric/ alpha-numeric code with you, using which your coordinator can redeem it on our website/ mobile application
I want to register now. How do I get started?

Go to our “list your business” page (https://www.healthnearbuy.com/list_your_business )and complete our online registration form, or contact our sales team on 8169575610.

Listing your business on HealthNearbuy is SIMPLE

Step 1 – Fill out this form with basic details and generate your login details (user id and password)

Step 2 – Login to your merchant account using the login details (user id and password)

Step 3 – Create Business Page

Step 4 – Add your business locations (you can add multiple/ more than 1 business locations here)

Step 5 – Create your Service Package (you can add multiple/ more than 1 service package here)

For step by step registration guide, please click on the following link - HealthNearbuy Merchant Guide